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Blue Cat Screenplay Competition Analysis:


This project transports the reader into an intriguing foreign landscape, which is depicted in a nuanced and evocative manner. It's clear that you are intimately familiar with South Africa and the "world" of animal sanctuaries, as your descriptions bristle with detailed verve. Additionally, by positioning your hero as a defender of animals, you immediately make the audience more likely to be in her corner. By that same token, the villainous poachers you've fashioned as antagonists are appropriately evil and loathsome. 


On a technical level, the script is deftly written -- its prose crisply assured and its dialogue organically believable. You certainly managed to inject a great deal of dramatic tension and urgency into the plot, allowing for brisk pacing which never felt turgid or overly fatty. Lastly, and most importantly, I wanted to see where the rest of the show was headed at the end of the pilot, meaning that you successfully hooked me in for a potential episode two. That's because this concept generally feels like it has enough gas to sustain an entire season's worth of material and beyond.